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f you are in a direct sales or home party plan company you should consider joining one or more swap groups to help you bring in more sales by networking with other direct sales consultants!

A swap group is a group of direct sales consultants.  The consultants are generally placed in groups of around 4 to 6 members and one person is chosen each month to be the consultant of the month, sometimes referred to as the COTM. 

The consultant of the month (COTM) will advertise her/his specials for their company that month, tell you about their business opportunity and they will receive sales for that month from the other group members.  All other group members will purchase products from the consultant that is chosen for that month, prices can range from $5 - $50, depending on the group minimums, before shipping and tax.

Sometimes there is also a HOTM (hostess of the month) where one person is picked to receive the hostess benefits for the particular company that the COTM reps for.  It all depends on how the group is set up.  Most swap groups are managed through a mailing list group like Yahoo Groups or Google groups.

Requirements:  Each swap group has it's own requirements to become a member.  All members must commit to purchasing the required amount of products from the chosen COTM and a new member is usually placed at the bottom of the list and they will not become the COTM until they have met those requirements.

Please browse the list of swap groups below to find out more about each one, their minimum purchases, requirements and to apply for them!

get your swap group listed...

Do you run a swap group?  Would you like it listed here?  Please grab a button or banner and add it to your site and then email me to let me know that you added the banner along with the details of your swap group and I will add it!

swap groups to join...

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Home Biz Swap 2 - A swap group for individuals involved in direct sales, home business and home party plan companies. You will be placed in a group of 4-6 people for swapping. The minimum will be $10 (pre-tax and shipping).

Working Moms Swap Meet - If you are in Direct Sales and are serious about promoting your business then this is the place for YOU to network and swap/shop with other Moms around the world!

Swapping Deals - This group is for direct sales and home business people to swap sales. You will never be required to purchase a set amount, unlike some swap sites. I am limiting direct sales to regions based upon states. Only one rep will be allowed per region. Even if you sell home crafts you are welcome here.

Order Swap Galore - Great Swapping List aimed at getting sales for your home based Direct Sales business by buying from other Consultants just like you ... who in turn purchase from you! $15 minimum purchase before Tax & Shipping each month. Come and join this great group of swappers today!

Smokin Host Swap 2 - You can purchase from anyone in the group and sales are not guaranteed.

Consultant Catalog Sales Swap - This group is intended to increase your sales and support fellow consultants. By joining you will be committing to purchasing a minimum of $10 once a month from another member of your choice.

Get your Direct Sales Swap Group listed!  Email Me!



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