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Belly Buster Parties are held much like a Mary Kay Cosmetics party or a Pampered Chef party where a hostess invites her friends, relatives and/or co-workers to learn about our diet and our products, which include protein supplements, herbal supplements, and our exclusive take-home, do-it-yourself body wraps kits. You may chose to have a weight loss party or a body wrap party or both. In return, the hostess may win products of her own at a discount or for free!

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Are you an Belly Buster Diet consultant?  This page is available to bring you leads!  Learn More.

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We are looking for full or part-time consultants who have a background or interest in nutrition, nursing, education, psychology or simply enjoy helping others. You will be able to work from home, scheduling your appointments around your family when you become a Belly Buster Diet consultant.

Belly Buster Diet Consultants hold fun, lively parties to introduce this extraordinary diet and products to their clients. In addition to the on-line program, consultants sell our protein kits, herbal kits and a take home, do-it-yourself Body Wrap kit. Nutritional consultants are also trained to be a support system for their clients as they are losing weight.

As a consultant, you will receive a discount on any product for your personal use while also receiving commissions on your sales and the sales of your business associates. No stocking of inventory is necessary. The marketing plan is a generous one in which a consultant can replace an income from their regular job in a short period of time.

Belly Busters is expanding nationwide and may already be in your state. Contacts us today for a prospectus on owning your own consulting business and learning more about our compensation plan. Call 1-888-657-5402 for a free packet of information on how you can start your own Belly Buster Diet business.

Please contact me or visit the website for more information.

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