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The following companies offer online gift registry services.  If you are getting married, you can register your gift registry online and then your guests can shop online and the gifts will be delivered to you or to them.  You can also register online for some of these gift registries and if the company has a brick and mortar store then people can visit the store and be able to shop from your registry selections.

Another great reason to use a gift registry is the fact that all purchases are tracked so that will be helpful to your guests so they do not purchase the same gift as someone else.  This also saves you time because you do not need to return as many gifts!

Register your next event with one of these gift registries for free and get the gifts that you really want!

If you need to purchase a gift for someone that has a gift registry open, you can visit the following sites and enter the hosts information and do your shopping online! 

gift registry services online...

Tupperware - Tupperware offers a gift registry service!  Register online in a few simple steps!

Wendy's Kitchen - This is a direct sales company, the name has been changed because they do not allow online advertising using their name.  They offer stoneware like pizza stones, stone wear muffin pans, pots and pans, cookware, knives, garlic presses and more.  Email me to request the website link and then you can register your online gift registry!

Jafra is offering a Gift Registry Program!  Just Click here and Contact the consultant for more information! Wedding Registry -  Register for wedding gifts on!

Babies R Us Baby Gift Registry - Create or update your BabiesRUs gift registry today!  First time parent and not sure what to ask for?  Check out the baby are us gift registry Handy New Parent Checklist Guide!

Target Wedding Registry - Register for wedding gifts at Target!

Target Baby Gift Registry - Register your baby registry at Target!

Name a star and buy a star name for the most Unique Gift of all time. Gift ideas from International Star Registry.

Free Shipping at Dreamtime Baby - Click Here to Shop 1000's of Baby Products

HansonEllis Wedding Favors, Bridal Gifts, & Keepsakes - Unique Gifts & Personalized Keepsakes




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