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Party Gals has been in business for over 15 years providing the best in sensual body care, and romance products! By bringing bedroom products to women in a comfortable yet informative setting, Party Gals is empowering women nationwide to take control of their sensual sides!

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Are you a Party Gals consultant?  This consultant page is available!

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contact me...

Email:  Please click here to send an email to Party Gals

current specials...

Please contact me for the current Party Gals Sales Specials.

business opportunity...

Want to start your own Party Gals Business? Part-time or Full-time, the possibilities are endless! With Party Gals there are so many ways you can make money! Earn commissions for web sales, Earn bonuses on other Distributors youíve brought into the business, and of course, doing Party Gals Parties! Imagine getting paid to party with fabulous ladies! Thatís just what youíll be doing every time youíre booked to do a Party Gals Party! Meet new friends, and help other women discover their sensual sides, and enhance their relationships. Youíll start out at a lucrative commission based on your start kit, and will have the opportunity to earn even more through promotions, and bulk discounts of up to 60%! Itís so easy to meet women who want to throw a Party Gals Party, and with some basic training, youíll be on your way to generating some extra cash immediately!

host benefits...

All you need to do is invite your fabulous friends, and ask them to bring some of their fabulous friends! Add some sexy refreshments, and weíll bring the fun! A Party Gals Distributor will create a sexy Boutique in the comfort of your home for your friends to learn about the latest in romance products, sexy accessories, and of course, shop for products! As the Hostess, you will receive FREE and Discounted items for hosting your party!

fundraising opportunity...

Please contact me for more information.

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