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We are accepting business related articles from "ordinary people" working a business online or offline.  I am NOT looking for professional writers and I am not looking for articles that have been published elsewhere online. 

I would like to hear about everyday struggles, triumphs, what has worked for you, from big to small ideas.

If you have an idea about working at home, running a business online or offline, recruiting, team leading or tips and ideas to grow your business or anything along those lines, we welcome your submission. 

As I mentioned before, I am not looking for anything professionally done, so please do not stress on making everything perfect!  Please make sure you do spell check and can write a paragraph or two that makes sense though!  I want it to be genuine.  And no, you won't be graded!  ;o)

Please click here to email your article to me. 

*Submission of an article does not guarantee a listing on  All articles are reviewed prior to listing.  If you article has already been plastered all over the internet, please do not submit it here.  I am looking for unique content.  Thanks!  ~Wendy Leal


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