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The Secret of Growing Live Plants in Artificial Soil! Easily create award winning plant ensembles, or transplant existing plants into the maintenance-free PlantMakers system.  The PlantMakers proprietary technology of growing live plants in artificial soil provides a variety of important benefits to Plant Lovers:

  • Makes Soil OBSOLETE!
  • Water Once Per Two Months!
  • Healthy & Clean!

The spectacular PlantMakers product line includes more than 100 unique items which come in a “kit” form, allowing consumers to easily create their own award winning plant ensembles, or transplant their existing plants into the maintenance-free PlantMakers system.

Our company is brand new to the direct sales arena, but is an established, publicly traded company that has been selling the PlantMakers process thru commercial channels for over 8 years! We have a unique product, something that appeals to almost everyone, can be used for gifts, and the pricing is very reasonable. We have a large collection of planters, some with plants, available for less than $20!

Are you a PlantMakers distributor? This consultant page is available!  If you are interested in this consultant page to bring you leads for your PlantMakers business, please click here for more information.

business opportunity...

Our Compensation Program is HIGHLY incentive based, so your earning potential is unlimited! However, we've made it VERY easy to earn immediate income and override commissions EVERY MONTH, WITHOUT HAVING TO MEET DIFFICULT QUALIFICATION STANDARDS! Unlike most companies where you'll find very strict and high volume production levels are required to earn override commissions and bonuses, it's easy to earn with PlantMakers. We believe in YOU!

We have multiple income sources:

Retail Sales Profits - Your profit on retail sales is immediately 25%, and it can GROW to 33%!

Designer Profits - What an exciting concept! When you provide customers with "Custom Made" planter designs, YOUR profits can soar! In fact, Designer Profits are similar to what a professional florist does. By arranging a PlantMakers ensemble with plants, you make a profit on the plants, plus additional profit for your creative talents....and YOU KEEP 100% of all Designer Profits!

Personal Production Royalties - In any month when you order $300 or more from PlantMakers, you can earn an additional 2% to 8% on ALL of your purchases made during the month!

Distributor Override Royalties - As you sponsor new Distributors into the PlantMakers business (regardless of where in the country they may reside) you will become eligible for Royalties! Royalty overrides are paid NOT ONLY on Distributors directly sponsored by yourself, but also on Distributors who are subsequently sponsored by those you previously sponsored. In fact, the generous PlantMakers Compensation Program will pay you Royalties almost immediately, and it's easy to qualify! Royalties of 5% are paid 5 generations deep. When you receive your computerized monthly reports, you may find you've received income on the sales of Distributors you've never met!

Please contact me for more information.

host benefits...

What could be more interesting than hosting a PlantMakers party! Everyone gets excited about the concept of "Growing Live Plants In Artificial Soil!" As the Hostess, you'll Reap The Rewards, including FREE products, HUGE DISCOUNTS, and the joy of a fun filled, and exciting evening. You'll be the hero, as the Hostess who introduces PlantMakers to friends and family! For your own purchases, you earn a 3% discount for each person attending your party. For example, with 10 attendees, you earn 30% discount. Then, there's FREE products based upon sales volumes:

Total Party Sales Your FREE Products
$100 - $149.99 5% = $5.00 to $7.50 FREE
$150 - $249.99 10% = $15.00 to $25.00 FREE
$250 - $349.99 15% = $37.50 to $52.50 FREE
$350 or more 20% = $70.00 + FREE

So What Are You Waiting For? Come Grow With Us, & Reap The Rewards!  Just fill out the form below for more information!

Please contact me for more information.

fundraising opportunity...

Your group can earn 50% with a PlantMakers Fundraiser! It will be tailored to your group or organization, with customized printed materials, and a website provided for 3 months for additional sales! Sell our Award Winning CyberPlant or our wonderful Prayer Planter! Please contact me below for more information!

Please contact me for more information.

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