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Backed by a company with over 25 years of candle making experience, Northern Lights at Home's products are carefully crafted using only the finest candle materials and fragrance oils. Our products are hand selected and many of the items and fragrances we carry are made exclusively for us and cannot be found anywhere else. With our satisfaction guarantee, you'll find your new favorite scent right here.

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We are currently looking for a Northern Lights at Home party consultant to fill this spot!  If you are interested in this consultant page to bring you leads please click here for more information.

To visit the website please click here.

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business opportunity...

The direct sales industry is one of the few areas in business that allows you to grow both financially and personally while setting your own schedule. If you have ever had the desire to own your own business or be your own boss, then Northern Lights at Home could be for you. The versatility and flexibility that Northern Lights at Home offers will allow you to advance as high as the goals you set for yourself. Becoming a Northern Lights at Home Presenter provides a rewarding ground-floor opportunity as a Founding Presenter. Thereís still time; join now to become a Founding Presenter.

Free Training: Starting and managing your own business leads to a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. You will receive training through our video session, Presenterís Manual and New Presenterís Trainings. And of course, your sponsor, your Unit Sales Manager and the Corporate Staff are available to provide support and encouragement. With all of the training and support we have to offer, it is not necessary to have had previous sales experience to become a Presenter with Northern Lights at Home. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Immediate Profit: As a Northern Lights at Home Presenter, you earn up to 35% of your retail guest sales. There is no waiting for your check in the mail because you instantly earn 30% of your retail guest sales after the close of each show. You earn an additional 5% when your monthly retail sales reach $1,200.

Incentives: In addition to the potential 35% profit you earn on your sales, there are many valuable bonus incentives as well. These include but are not limited to:

  • Free Northern Lights at Home products
  • Logo wear
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Vacations

Advanced Earnings: You also have the chance to earn more by sharing your enthusiasm and excitement for your Northern Lights at Home business. When you help others become Northern Lights at Home Presenters, you can earn even more! The more people you sponsor, the more you can earn.


Please contact me for more information.

host benefits...

As a host, you can earn FREE candles & accessories! Hosting a Northern Lights at Home show gives you the occasion to have family and friends over, and provides the opportunity to see an array of unique, high-quality candles and distinctive accessories first hand. You and your guests will also be given helpful information on candle care, safety tips, and decorating ideas.

The Benefits of Hosting A show:

Host Receives:

  • 20% Free Products Shopping Spree with any party of $200 or more.
  • 50% OFF any 1 item or set for dating their party within 30 days.
  • 50% OFF any 1 item or set when 2 datings occur at the party.
  • FREE Host Monthly Special with a $500+ party.
  • FREE Customer Attendance Special with 10 Buying Guests in Attendance at your party.

Guests Receive:

  • Quality product at a terrific prices!
  • Order $50 of Product and get One Item up to $50 at Half-price!
  • Candle Care and Safety Tips!
  • Hostess Direct Shipping or Customer Direct Shipping Options!

Example: $500 in Retail Guest Sales with 2 bookings: ∑ $100 in buying credits (20% of $500) ∑ Two items of your choice at Ĺ price ∑ Host Monthly Special

As you can see, the benefits of hosting a Northern Lights at Home show are generous; call me today and take advantage of the opportunity to decorate your home with high quality products for free.

Please contact me for more information.

fundraising opportunity...

Please contact me for more information.

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