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Do you have a website that you would like to promote?  You can get free hits to your website by joining free traffic generating programs!  I have listed some of the best hit exchanges, auto surfers, manual surfers, traffic exchanges, free links sites, Top Sites Lists, hit exchanges and website promotion links available.

Some programs listed also offer paid to surf, paid to read email, pay to visit links and websites and paid to start programs.  These are listed because not only are they a good way to make a little extra money in your spare time, but the money that you earn from these sites can usually be redeemed for free advertising.  Trust me, you will only want to use these for the free ads because they do not pay enough to really make a living.

I recommend signing up for as many of these programs as possible and using them all at least once a week.  You need to remain active or your account can be closed and you will loose all unused credits. 

If you are interested in getting the most free leads to your website with these traffic exchange programs then you will want to refer other members.  By doing so, you will earn a percentage of their advertising credits as well.

TIP:  When surfing multiple traffic exchange websites, use Crazy Browser to load up all the sites in one browser window.  This is NOT a cheat program or anything like that.  You can save all of your traffic programs in one folder in your favorites and load them all up at once.  Then you will be able to click on tabs at the top of the browser to visit the sites!  It also has a built in pop-up blocker so when you are surfing sites and earning credits to show your website, you won't get all those annoying pop-ups!

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Top Sites Lists...

Joining Top Sites lists are a great way to generate free visitors to your website.  All that you have to do is sign up and then place a code on your website.  When someone clicks on that code that you earn a vote and then your can move up in the ranks!  Check out the Top Site Lists Here and join as many as you can!  Click here for FREE Traffic to Your website!

All Links Open In a NEW Window!

Shopping with Mom's - This is one of my favorites!  Trisha Dunaway, the owner does a wonderful job with this traffic exchange program.  There are many benefits of joining this one!

Get Your site listed for LIFE! 100% FREE! - Join ShowMyLinks!

Top Surfer - Get 100 FREE advertising credits just for signing up!

Traffic Swarm - Once your account is created you'll be logged in automatically and you can add listings for all the URL(s) that you want to promote. We'll even give you 100 FREE Credits when you activate your account!

Click Ranch - Join now and get 100 Credits FREE! 

Web Biz Solutions - FREE UNLIMITED Traffic Exchange!

Carnival Clicks - View other members websites and in exchange they view your website. Its a great way to advertise if not the best way to advertise for FREE.

5 Star Promotions - Manual Traffic Exchange, also you can earn money!

Cash Clicking - Surf for credits and sell them or use them to promote your website!  Huge referral tiers that pay 10% on all levels!

ClickThru - 20 FREE Hits when you submit your URL.  Add a small OPTIONAL icon called a HotSpot anywhere on your site and get 100 guaranteed visitors.  Earn 1 GUARANTEED hit every time you rank another unique site with the search tool.

Smiley Traffic - This is a Manual Surf, Auto Surf and a Paid To Click Exchange with many twists!  Convert your credits into Banner ads or Feature links or any advertising you choose!  Bonus For Signing Up!  Please see the website for details!

Traffic Battle - When surfing, you can win credits, banner impressions, gold coins and cash.

Traffic Circus - Get 150 free signup credits!

Traffic Roundup - Free traffic (visitor) exchange. Think of it as an advertising club, where members agree to view each others ads (websites). For every 2 member sites you view, you earn 1 credit (point) which means your website can be show to other members.

Webmaster Quest - Surf for Traffic, Search for Traffic, Start Page Exchange, Read Email Ads Online for credits (they won't clog up your email account) and more!

Copper Clix - This program is kinda different..  Join for free and click other peoples links.  You will be paid to click on their links and then you could either take the money and run or turn around and purchase advertising with it on the site.  Payout is only at $2.00.

Traffic at The Races - Simply, Sign-up and verify your website then surf 10 pages. After surfing the 10 pages the first race will begin and you will win some website traffic.

Easy Hits 4 U - Free to join!  For every site you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your site.  Receive 50 free credits after you surf 50 sites!  5 levels of referrals so tell your friends!  You can promote unlimited websites and banners.

Splash Traffic - A manual traffic exchange for splash pages only.  If you do not have a splash page and you would like one created for you, please visit the banner design page to get one!



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