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Fenīce skin care products are of utmost high-quality. The skin care is neutriceutical, meaning loaded with natural herbs, botanicals, and vitamin-enriched, which nourishes the skin all day and night creating more healthy and youthful looking skin. The colour cosmetics are also formulated with herbs and other nourishing agents so the women are not only enhancing their features with application of colour, but their skin will be nourished all day where the colours are applied – and the colour stays on all day and evening with no need to touch up!

Fenīce is committed to providing high-quality, but at affordable prices for the common consumer. Fenīce speaks to today’s trends:

  • Men and women are concerned today about the toxic substances that some products contain, so they are seeking products like Fenīce.

  • Men and women are tired of climbing the corporate ladder only to find they are expected to work harder, for little extra pay and minimal recognition. They are seeking a business opportunity that will enable them to regain control of their lives, provide flexible hours and help them to achieve their dreams. Fenīce provides all of these benefits, and much more. There are various selling venues in which a Consultant can build his/her Fenīce business, which makes it attractive for men and women. Full training is provided and the compensation plan is very generous monetarily and in fabulous rewards.

  • Women are very tired and stressed with our fast pace of life. They would love to attend a spa on a regular basis and be pampered, but few can fit it into their budget.

The Fenīce Home Spa enables them to enjoy two hours of relaxation and pampering, all in the comfort of a home with a small intimate group of friends, providing them with plenty of one-on-one attention with the Fenīce Beauty Consultant.

Please read below to visit the website, to contact me, to learn more about the home based business opportunity, to view the specials, fundraising opportunities, and to learn more about host benefits when hosting an online party, home show or catalog party. 

If you are interested in making money from home or making money online, please contact me and I will send you all of the details about our business plan.

the website...

We are currently looking for a Fenice consultant to fill this spot!  If you are interested in this consultant page to bring you leads please click here for more information.

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current specials...

Please visit the website or contact me for more information.

business opportunity...

Fenīce enables individuals to gain control of their lives and shape their own future of success. Fenīce is part of two mega-industries: the cosmetics industry and the direct sales industry. The cosmetics industry enjoys annual sales exceeding $7 billion in Canada alone (and at least 10 times that in USA), and The Direct Sellers Association in Canada reports that in 2004 over 1 million independent consultants in their industry achieved over $1 billion in retail sales. Both of these industries are booming! Wouldn’t you like a share of that market?

Common reasons for starting a home-based business with Fenīce include:

  • More flexible hours – working part-time or full-time
    You gain control of your life – not your employer determining your destiny

  • Recognition – Fenīce not only pays handsomely (and WEEKLY), but it also rewards you with expensive gifts, like trips, jewelry and other earned prizes.

  • Personal Development – with excellent training provided through monthly conference calls, local workshops, and annual conferences, Fenīce provides a tremendous opportunity to sharpen your business skills that will lead you to tremendous success.

  • Mission – there is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in people’s lives. You have opportunity to make women feel and look great as you conduct Home Spas and 1-on-1 makeovers. You also can make a difference by coaching and motivating others to achieve THEIR dreams.

There are three ways in which you can earn significant income through Fenīce:

  • As an Independent Consultant: Starting a Fenīce home-based business requires a small investment of $60-$300, depending on which start-up Beauty Kit you choose. The potential for building a very successful business is imminent as the company provides excellent training, tools and other business-building resources. Fenīce is selective in placing independent Consultants across North America so there is a screening process. Completing an application and providing references is part of the process. Fenīce will notify you within 24 hours regarding the status of your application.

  • As a Regional Distributor: Fenīce gives the more serious entrepreneurial individuals an opportunity to purchase a region, which is theirs exclusively for as long as they like. When ready to retire, they may either pass this business onto their heirs, or sell it for a significant return on their investment. It is not unheard of to build such a franchise-type of business to a value exceeding $1million within 3-5 years. A Regional Distributor has the responsibility of developing and managing that region, and has an outstanding opportunity to see their investment multiplied many times over. But the real rewards are in the journey... making a difference in people’s lives as they help independent Consultants achieve levels of success they couldn’t even dream of prior to starting a Fenīce home-based business.

    The Regional Distributor role is suitable to those who have a few years of experience in sales and/or cosmetics, and who enjoy coaching independent consultants on how to build a successful business. The number of regions available in Canada and USA are limited. There will only be a certain number of Regional Distributors given the opportunity to own an exclusive region, and Fenīce expects to aggressively seek those candidates in 2005. The screening process for Regional Distributors is more stringent than that of independent Consultant applicants, because the responsibilities are much greater.

  • As a Salon or Spa Professional: Fenīce enables selective salons and spas to carry the high quality neutriceutical Fenīce products. This is an opportunity for these professionals to use the Fenīce products on their clients, and to sell them product to take home. It becomes an excellent revenue generator for the Salon or Spa, and provides the salon with high quality products to achieve the look and feel they want for their clients, reflecting on their quality of services.

Please contact me for more information.

host benefits...

Contrary to what some may say, women (of all ages) are still very much interested in gathering together for a special evening. The operative word here is “SPECIAL” evening. As very busy women, we don’t want the same-old-same-old type of make-up party that we have all attended over the years… but we are very intrigued when something UNIQUE comes along. That is where a Fenīce Home Spa becomes a very special evening… an evening with a difference… a unique experience.

A Home Spa provides a great opportunity for some pamper me time, in a small intimate group of no more than 6 guests, sitting around the kitchen table enjoying scented candles and relaxation music while learning breathing and relaxation exercises to help release stress. This exercise segues very nicely into a full skin care treatment and colour application for every guest. The evening is concluded with personal consultation to address any personal needs.

The Hostess earns FREE products and other unique gifts for opening her home and allowing her friends to enjoy a Fenīce Home Spa experience. These rewards and free products are all paid for by Fenīce, not the Consultant. The Consultant's earnings are clear profit.

Please contact me for more information.

fundraising opportunity...

Fenīce does offer a fundraising program to not-for-profit organizations. There is a screening process for organizations wishing to apply. The earnings are significant when the Fenīce program is applied as directed. The organization will be assigned a Consultant who will coach them on how to promote this program to their members and support-base.

Please contact me for more information.

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