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What is BurnLounge?  Its a brand new direct sales company using music as its product.  The best part of is its 100% online and very inexpensive to get into. The biggest draw for me was the fact that top producers in the music industry began it, so local bands could sell their music to the world without the restrictions of having a recording label.

BurnLounge licenses music from the catalogs of ALL four major music labels from a host of digital aggregators of independent music from a growing list of independent labels in the USA and around the world and directly from independent artists themselves, some of whom have their own BurnLounge Stores.

Open your own customizable online music store. A new kind of sales force.

the website...

We are currently looking for a BurnLounge Distributor to fill this spot!  If you are interested in this consultant page to bring you leads please click here for more information.

To visit the website please click here.

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contact me...

Email:  Please click here to email me

Please contact me for more information.

business opportunity...

There are a few different ways to join:

  • Fan $29.95 per year. 

As a Fan you have the ability to buy and sell anything in the BurnLounge™ catalog, create Musical Lifelists, communicate with your customers and friends using the BonFire.IM™ messenger tool, create a unique Retailer profile and invite friends to join your community. When you sell a song you earn BurnRewards™ points which you can redeem for products in the BurnLounge™ online store.

  • Affiliate Program $29.95 per year plus $6.95 per month

Affiliates have all the same privileges as fans but Affiliates can exchange their BurnRewards™ points for cash. Affiliates are also enabled to build a team of Retailers, and provided with BurnLounge's Business Management Software (B.M.S.) Gold which allows Affiliates to receive income from a portion of the revenue generated by anyone on their team. B.M.S. Gold also helps Affiliates track sales and provides access to marketing tools to help Affiliates grow their business.

  • Mogul Program $129.95 plus $14.95 per month.

Moguls have all of the same privileges as Fans and Affiliates, but Moguls receive Business Management Software (B.M.S.) Platinum which enables them to build multiple teams using our Concentric Retail model, allowing the Mogul to share in revenue generated by all of those teams. Moguls also have opportunities for V.I.P. Access to BurnLounge™ events, as well as discounts on exclusive merchandise.

  • Mogul Plus University Program $129.95 per year plus $14.95 per month with an additional $300

Moguls have a special opportunity to learn from the music industry's best by accessing the BurnLounge™ University materials, videos and DVD's, which chronicle the music business, its history, technology, business development and more.

Please contact me for more information.

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