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Have you ever thought, oh my gosh I will not be stepping foot in that "adult" store? What if someone sees me, what if my pastor sees me? lol With that said, unfortunately us married women have to have a place to go. Brown Bag Party home party catalogs offer spa indulgences, erotic massage products, fun bachlorette party novelties, and sensual toys for couple or private play. You may host a "ladies night in" (your lover and friends will all thank you!), divorce parties (get over him already), bachlorette and bridal showers parties (the bride and groom will leave for the honeymoon happy!), couples parties (talk about getting to know your neighbors), private all lady corporate parties (wonít you be the cool boss), and much more-itís up to your imagination!

These parties, are a thriving business, no longer a secret or shameful, they are talked about on primetime shows such as the TODAY Show and featured in magazines such as, OPRAH ! Women today want to be educated, and enhance their marriage and/or relationships-we want to talk about SEX!!! Itís fun, it makes us laugh and bond w/our girlfriends, and everyone wants to have healthy sex life regardless of their socio-economic status!!

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After talking with many women from my church study group, where can a group of women go without feeling disgusting? I mean how are we suppose to please our husbands, ourselves, keep the marriage alive? All these thoughts were going through our head. I said there is something we have got to do or figure out. Most of us were stay at home "Desperate Housewives." Pretty much content but looking for a little more excitement

So, I again began to research ALL home businesses, and saw a positive trend of sales consultants tapping into the market for private at home pleasure parties for women! So, I asked myself. can I, really make a go of this? YES! You bet and the outrageous rising phenomenon of at home pleasure parties for women! However, I got scared because what were people going to think? What was the church going to say?? Would you believe God has opened a whole new door for me and many others helping many relationships and marriages out. my god did you know most marriages end because of lack of sex and lack of money. Well after looking I actually found something that might actually give women a chance to do both at the same time.

I researched several reputable all women at home party companies-ONE stood out SUPERIOR to the rest; Brown Bag Party! BBP is leading the way with their industry changing concepts in marketing, products offered, and by far the most aggressive compensation plan! We are ecstatic to be a part of this massive trend; the erotic toy industry which is generating billions of dollars each year! We had several parties booked before we even had product or business cards, and we now have our own team-The Classy and Sassy Divas! We have found that women do not want to frequent sex toy shops; at home Intimate Pleasure parties are the ONLY alternative for them, besides the internet-and you can't sample it all on the internet and have fun with your girlfriends!

I meet women at the gym, in the neighborhood, at the supermarket, at the park, at the mall, and out w/my husband, just everywhere! As soon as I talk about what I do (and I love to talk about it)-women get so excited and ask us to book a party right away! Even the boyfriends or husbands donít mind babysitting for this one! Take it from someone who wouldnít dare step foot in an adult store and grew up in church.

Please visit the Opportunity section of our website for details on this awesome business adventure. "What's in Your Brown Bag?"

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